Things to know about buying a houseboat:

Width, ever foot wide can increase cost by about $30,000.

Thrusters, these typically cost about $8,000 to $10,000 per thruster. Also you need a 15K generator for one thruster and 20K for two thrusters.

Do you need a thruster? Depends on your boating skills, or if you'rein an area that has lots of wind.

Party Top: Party tops come either in canvas or fiberglass, normally referred to as a hard top. Hardtop is nice but it adds a lot of cost, especially if you are shipping the boat across the US. The hard tops a going to require a separate truck. Hardtops come in 6 foot sections, they run about $3000 to $4000 per section, so a 24 hard top will add $12,000 to $16,000.

Hot Tub:. Best to order a hot tub where the boat is going to be delivered. When ordering a hot tub some companies make hot tubs that turn of the heater when the bubbles are on. This way you can have a much higher pump so you do not sacrifice power for the electric limitations. Make sure your hot tub is at the marina when the boat is being set up. Next to impossible to put a hot tub on a boat that is in the water already.

Diesel or not? Diesel is great and more reliable, but many lakes do not have diesel fuel, this can really hurt you when you are trying to resell your boat.

Side hull or Center hull: Side hull gives you much more privacy when with a group. On a center hull, everyone must go through the bedroom when traveling to the rear of the boat. However, if you are 16 feet or less there is very little room a side a hall.

Are you buying through a broker or making the purchase yourself? If you are not familiar with the practicalities and technicalities of sea going vessels, then you better contact a broker.

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